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Green People Reviews

We love Green People. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Green People products.

I'm a girl, but I bought the male version of the deodorant because the packaging says mint. In fact, the smell did not remind me of mint at all. So average, and quickly eroded. But the deodorant itself is just great! Great protects against odor and does not stain clothes! Dries quickly enough. But it's going to sting if applied to just-shaved armpits.

Review of Green People Organic Homme Mint & Prebiotics Deodorant 75ml

This is by far the best facial sun cream I have tried. The texture is like a lovely, rich face cream, it rubs in beautifully and doesn't leave your face looking as white as a sheet like some do. Even better still, it doesn't make your eyes sting! I used this during those boiling hot sunny furlough days digging the allotment - usually I'd be going pink in 20 minutes tops - it worked a treat, didn't even get a pink nose! The only facial sun cream I'm going to buy from now on.

Review of Green People Facial Sun Cream SPF30 Scent Free 50ml

Lovely shampoo (I also bought the conditioner and it was good too). Only a very subtle smell, left my hair clean and fresh.
My one complaint is I can't take the top off to rinse and recycle the empty tube. I am trying to lead a zero waste lifestyle now so I will be looking for a new shampoo with more easily recyclable packaging or packaged in a glass container.

Review of Green People Moisturising Shampoo 200ml

Blends in perfectly. Does not make your face greasy or whitish. I live in a tropical climate and wish the SPF were stronger BUT this cream does the job fine!

Review of Green People Day Solution Cream SPF15 50ml