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Green Energy Organics Reviews

We love Green Energy Organics. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Green Energy Organics products.

The main ingredient in this deodorant is witch hazel, meaning it naturally kills bacteria and reduces body odour.

My boyfriend uses this and gets on with it fine, and the times I've given it a spray I've also found it to work well. It doesn't have a particularly musky smell meaning it's perfect for women too.

Review of Green Energy Organics - DEò Ecolo Deodorant Men's 100 ml

I like the Green Energy Organics range of deodorants and this one is no exception.

The fragrance is floral but can be used by men or women. Keeps me fresh without any nasty ingredients!

Besma - Curiously Conscious
(Note: I was gifted this to review)

Review of Green Energy Organics - DEò Ecolo Deodorant Poppy 100 ml