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Good Bubble Reviews

We love Good Bubble. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Good Bubble products.

I was pleasantly surprised on the fragrance that will greet you with each spray whilst it instantly detangles for you to run a comb or brush through the hair easily. One of the important things you want from a product when using it on freshly washed hair is that u don't want it to weigh the hair down and leave it feeling sticky or greasy. I really like this detangler because it delivers instant results to leave hair feeling soft and looking healthier without any residue felt from the lightweight formulation. Full review at:

Review of Good Bubble Grizzly Mane Detangler with Prickly Pear Extract 150ml

I tried this out on my own sensitive skin, as well as my fussy 4 year old niece who HATES having her hair washed, and this product went down very well! She liked the fruity scent and it made her hair lovely and soft. Mum was happy too!

Review of Good Bubble Grubby Gruffalo Hair & Body Wash with Prickly Pear Extract 250ml

I have to avoid most bath and body products that have SLS as they tend to irritate my sensitive skin so I was happy to come across Good Bubble's Super Bubble Bath. It doesn't produce a mountain of bubbles, but there's enough for a nice bathing experience!

Review of Good Bubble Super Bubbly Bubble Bath with Dragon Fruit Extract 400ml