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GK Natural Creations Reviews

We love GK Natural Creations. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of GK Natural Creations products.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this - reading other shampoo bar reviews I was worried my hair wouldn't feel clean.

Shouldn't have worried. My hair feels clean, the shampoo seems to encourage the natural wave in my hair, and my scalp feels much healthier with this than with the other chemical-free shampoo/conditioner I was using.

I use the Argania leave-in conditioner after the shampoo bar. Also a very good product.

Review of GK Natural Creations Silky Avocado Shampoo Bar with Rhasoul Clay and Silk 100g

The astringent action is used quite commonly in topical acne products because it helps to cause pores to contract, which in turn dries up oil secretions and limits pore blockages. Combined with some power-packing natural ingredients inside the precious green bottle. It glides over the skin with ease, before absorbing quickly, leaving a non-greasy and hydrated base, don't forget to apply your sunscreen after! The balancing facial oil is ideal for those wanting to benefit from using a facial oil, with out the worry of it being too heavy or leaving your oilier skin even more greasier and shinier. A lovely oil for acne and blemish prone skin, full review at:

Review of GK Natural Creations Balancing Face Oil/ Oily - Combination Skin 30ml

I really like this shampoo bar. Makes your hair squeaky clean. I have fine thin hair and this doesn't make it heavy or lank, also makes my scalp feel less dry and flaky.

Review of GK Natural Creations Silky Avocado Shampoo Bar with Rhasoul Clay and Silk 100g

The beard balm has a blend of hydrating natural ingredients that bring intense conditioning to any beard texture, while also creating a style with hold. The natural and refreshing earthy/citrus aroma is in keeping with any modern gentleman of today and is also a multitasking product to keep on hand.
Warming the oil in your hands before application is the best method, as the balm is in solid form. The oil works through the beard easily without feeling overly greasy and then absorbs to hold a natural style. You could use the beard balm to tame and hold unruly eyebrows and also use on the ends of your hair for a natural split end remedy.

Review of GK Natural Creations Beard Balm 60ml

What a little gem this product is! it is helping me have stronger nails and it is so easy to use thanks to the brush applicator. I use it morning and evening and my nails have never been in such a good condition. The mix of oils is well balanced and the scent is subtle and pleasurable. Will definitely repurchase in future.

Review of GK Natural Creations Nail and Cuticle Oil 10ml

Nice size to use in shower wasn't too big and didn't dry my skin like some other soaps do.

Review of GK Natural Creations Sea Salt SPA Soap 100g

Free from any typical foaming agents, you wet a shaving a brush and manipulate the soap to lather naturally, before applying to skin in circular movements. The razor glides over the skin easily, before rinsing the face and admiring soft and hydrated skin. The soap saves you wasting product you may not need and will last you 6 months after opening. The peppermint awakens the senses the and influences your well-being.

Review of GK Natural Creations Peppermint Shaving Soap 100ml

Easy to use, even for a shaving soap beginner. The scent is absolutely amazing! It makes the shaving experience so calming and luxurious. Am really glad I bought this cause this soap, together with using a safety razor, truly has made shaving something I actually don't dread anymore, haha.

Review of GK Natural Creations Peppermint Shaving Soap 100ml

I´ve been using it for 2 weeks and I am really happy with this body butter.
The texture is like a dense foam but once it touches your skin it becomes oily.
You can really notice the lavender smell and , the most important thing for me, it moisturises quite well.

Review of GK Natural Creations Whipped Body Butter Lavender 60ml

this is not a bad lip balm & especially for the price. not amazing on dry lips but great for most people im sure. the only thing that is a little annoying is that the tube is much wider than other lipbalms so it is hard to just get it on your lips & not your face. for this reason i wouldnt buy again. but if they change the packaging i would

Review of GK Natural Creations Happy Lips Luxury Lip Balm Unscented 4.5g

I like soap. I like coffee scrub. I thought this product would be sensational but I've found it's actually quite tough and doesn't lather very well.

However, the scent is nice and love that it's natural!

Besma - Curiously Conscious
(Note: I was gifted this to review)

Review of GK Natural Creations Coffee Scrub Soap 100g

ive only used this twice very tentatively. its just so scratchy & sharp. ive used body scrubs for years but this is just too much. i thought it might soften a bit with use but no, i dont want scratch marks all over my body it really is that harsh. real shame. has gone in the bin

Review of GK Natural Creations Coffee Scrub Soap 100g

i don't recommend these small bath truffles because they are divided into 2 lavender pieces and 2 rose pieces.. actually i received 4 half of bath truffles.

Review of GK Natural Creations Bath Truffle Selection Gift Set 270g

This shampoo bar starts off like a dream, creamy and foamy. When it washes out it seems to suck all the moisture out of your hair making it feel like your skin does after using a bar of traditional soap -squeeky. Despite this it seems to leave a waxy residue behind no matter what conditioner I use alongside it. Not good at all.

Review of GK Natural Creations Silky Avocado Shampoo Bar with Rhasoul Clay and Silk 100g

I had high expectations for this shampoo, however leaves my hair really waxy, heavy and I have to wash it every two days.

It also becomes dry on the ends and oily on the roots. I don't recommend it.

Review of GK Natural Creations Silky Avocado Shampoo Bar with Rhasoul Clay and Silk 100g