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Freya + Bailey Natural Skincare

Freya + Bailey delivers high-quality clinically effective, vegan, toxic-free, anti-pollution, beauty products with natural & organic skincare ingredients.

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Freya+Bailey was born out of a fierce passion to rally against the everyday assault of modern life on our skin. Formulated for people like us- those who live in the city and want to protect against its skin damaging impact (Busy Brooke we’re looking at you!) our products combat the impact of toxins, pollutions and free radicals which erode the precious skin barrier.

During our journey, we realised the power and potential of natural ingredients for advanced skincare solutions and have harnessed this into our science based natural skincare collection.

Every formulation works in unison with your natural biology regardless of your age or skin type, delivering targeted solutions that battle micro-pollution, skin hydration and premature ageing. Free from toxins, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic perfumes and artificial colours and packed full of nothing less than premium, vegan-loving ingredients our high performing, natural/organic skin care collection is specially formulated with only the good stuff that your skin needs.

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