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FOM London Reviews

We love FOM London . Find out what our customers have to say about the range of FOM London products.

A lovely product, works really well and clears all of my makeup. I wish they did a travel size of this product.

Review of FOM London Skincare Hydrating Anti-Pollution Cream Cleanser 100ml

Lovely serum. It leaves my skin moisturised and soft to the touch, which is something that not all products do. I tried it in a beauty box and have been using it ever since. It is very liquid, in fact, it feels like water, so I guess that it is great even for oily skin (my skin is dry, however). The only problem is that I have the feeling that I lose some product because of the pump applicator. I prefer the dropper that comes with the sample size, as I can use one drop at a time. In case you still have the dropper, don't throw it away. Trick: I have seen that when my finger is wet, the drop slides and I lose the product, so as I said, I pour one drop at a time and apply it on my face. I absolutely recommend it.

Review of FOM London Skincare Hydra Plump Serum 30ml

Received 15ml sample in April beauty box so have been using for about a month. Really love this cream, quite thick consistency but absorbs really well without feeling sticky. Skin feels really soft. Smells absolutely wonderful. Am going to be genuinely disappointed when my little pot runs out as the full size is quite pricey so will need to start saving!

Review of FOM London Skincare Antioxidant Hydra Plump & Firm Cream 50ml

The smell is so fresh and beautiful. The skin seems to be hydrated and elastic. I will go on with the application and I will eventually update the review.
The price is a bit high, but I think this is a good product for mature skins too.

Review of FOM London Skincare Antioxidant Hydra Plump & Firm Cream 50ml

This is an amazing product! Really brightens and tightens the skin and you can see the difference after a couple of uses. A bit pricey, but as you only need to use a few drops, I think it's worth splashing out.

Review of FOM London Skincare Hydra Bright Night Complex Treatment 50ml

It does make the skin fresher but does not do any dramatic magic.

Review of FOM London Skincare Firm & Contour Serum 30ml

Disappointing results. The consistency of the product is thin which makes it easy to liberally apply, but I haven't noticed a positive difference in the appearance of my skin since using these last few weeks.

Review of FOM London Skincare Hydra Plump Serum 30ml

This "Hydra Plump" isn't working for me. Plump should mean a thicker consistency than this very watery substance. The pump veraciously squirts out a puddle into your water and doesn't feel like a high end product. My dry skin didn't feel that hydrated either.
Luckily, I bought this at the discounted price and will use it up but I certainly wouldn't buy this for £46.

Review of FOM London Skincare Hydra Plump Serum 30ml

This wasn't a serum , it is liquid. More of a water / toner . The bottle pump is quite poor. I gave one pump and the water squirted out too much in my hand and it went over my arm. I was expecting more as I loved fom night complex and plump cream but I was not impressed with the serum. I feel mislead having bought what I thought was a serum. It's quite expensive also considering bottle came only 2/3 full. To use a bottle twice daily, you would need to buy a bottle every week

Review of FOM London Skincare Hydra Plump Serum 30ml