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FOM London Skincare

Master the Signs of Time with FOM London premium, natural, ultra - active skincare infused with the power of signature ingredient, Silk, combined with Adaptogen and Antioxidant botanicals to form the Antioxsilk technology with cutting edge textures and sensations. This fusion of science and nature works in harmony with the body to counter skin ageing and give the skin renewed radiance. FOM London skincare focuses on enhancing skin natural renewal cycle to promote the creation of healthier more rejuvenated skin by restoring texture, hydration and elasticity. Our signature and unique Silk, botanical Antioxidants and Adaptogens are employed for their ability to deliver renewed radiance with maximum anti ageing results. Our ANTIOXSILK technology combines Eastern botanicals with Western technologies and a sophisticated touch of Britishness that enables us to bring you the best in skincare. We respect your skin and understand your needs and we are passionate about offering next generation anti ageing skincare. Our range is free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, urea, mercury, lead, colours. We never test on animals. We are a British company and we are our own manufactures here in England. Learn more about FOM London Skincare

FOM London Skincare ANTIOXSILK tm Technology
Silk has been treasured for its luxury and beauty for over 5000 years. Scientists have now discovered that its liquid extract increases the collagen production in the skin. As the signature ingredient in our skincare ranges, Silk is a superior protein made up of more than twenty types of amino acid with an extraordinary ability to absorb moisture into the skin, allowing supercharged botanical antioxidants in our formulations to absorb UV rays and support the normal synthesis process in the skin that promotes cell regeneration for improved elasticity and resilience.
Silk has a high biocompatibility with human skin. As such Silk forms a protective breathable film on the skin, which shields from environmental influences. Silk supports the interaction of antioxidants and adoptogenic botanical active ingredients by forming a performance complex which results in high efficacy of our skincare products. Our silk liquid works in fusion with your own collagen to boost its own production.
Maximum Anti Ageing Results for a Renewed Radiance from Within
Our highly concentrated Antioxsilk range contains active ingredients that help boost collagen and elastin and support the normal synthesis process in the skin that promotes renewed radiance.

Maximum Anti-Ageing Results
Antioxsilk is a blend of best antioxidant and adaptogen botanicals in liquid Silk, employed to increase skin’s resistance to adverse influences and environmental factors to normalise skin’s natural regenerating metabolism. The structural similarity between silk and our own collagen means that silk actively interact with botanical antioxidants and adaptogens in our formulations that are vital for visible anti ageing results. All ingredients in FOM London Skincare range are highly active, clean, safe and essential in anti-ageing processes with visible and lasting results. Your skin is healthier, plumper, firmer and brighter. Your skin has a renewed radiance

FOM London Skincare
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