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Flaya - natural, organic and vegan perfumes.

Learn more about Flaya

Flaya is a small family run business with a passion for organic and vegan perfumes. They are completely committed to sustainable and organic principles and from the inception of Flaya they have only used genuinely natural, plant-based ingredients. They will not use animal ingredients and refuse to use parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES in their products. The perfumes are bottled in glass and to reduce the impact on the environment packaging is minimal and the use of plastic is restricted.
This luxurious range of perfumes has been lovingly crafted by carefully selecting and blending a unique selection of scents creating a range of seven beautiful Flaya fragrances.

The ingredients used are:
• 100% vegan
• Ethically sourced
• Organic (where possible)
• GM free

Flaya fragrances are classified as eau de parfums and contain between 80-92% certified organic ingredients. All Flaya perfumes contain 20% fragrance, their secret combination of precious oils and natural aromatic compounds. Flaya perfumes are handmade, hand bottled and hand packed in small batches in the UK meaning they retain full control and traceability of all their products. Flaya do not, and will never, test any of their products or ingredients on animals. They are committed to animal welfare and all their products are registered with The Vegan Society. The products registered with the Vegan Society are also endorsed by the Naturewatch Foundation and have achieved the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label. Flaya perfumes are produced to the Non Food Certification Company (NFCC) Organic Personal Care Standards.

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