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Fairfield Gardens

Award-winning, 100% natural lip balms made using locally sourced, beeswax, plant oils, pure essential oils, natural aromas and botanical extracts.

At least 75% of the ingredients we use have been grown, produced or manufactured in the UK resulting in an eco-friendly lip balm with no compromise on quality or effectiveness.

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Fairfield Gardens was born from a desire to do something meaningful that was rooted in sustainability and green living.

A few years ago it occurred to me that although food miles and buying locally produced food were common concepts, the idea of beauty miles and using local ingredients in skin care products was less so. The ingredients used to make soap and other skin care products can travel thousands of miles - shea butter from West Africa, coconut oil from south-east Asia, or cocoa butter from South America for example. So I challenged myself to create a product that used as many ingredients as possible that were grown, produced or manufactured in Britain.

The result is a 100% natural lip balm, made in Britain, that uses at least 75% British ingredients. I am constantly on the lookout for new and effective home-grown ingredients to push that percentage even higher and to create new products with.

Why buy Fairfield Gardens Lip Balm?

- You're looking for a great lip balm that glides on effortlessly with long-lasting protection;
- You're concerned about what goes into your skincare products and where those ingredients come from;
- You're concerned about how the ingredients and the final product affect the environment;
- You want the "buy local" philosophy to extend to more than food;
- You would like to support a home-grown business.

In addition, all of the lip balms are:

*100% natural - made with organic beeswax, plant oils, pure essential oils and natural botanical extracts only (see the Ingredients List for more details).
*80% British - almost all of the ingredients have been grown, produced or manufactured in the UK.
*made in Britain - all of the lip balms are manufactured and packaged in Wales.
*vegetarian and cruelty-free - no animals have been harmed in the making of my products.
*sustainable - I use sustainable ingredients, and ingredients whose production will not put a strain on the natural environment.
*eco-friendly - the final products are all biodegradable and most of the packaging I use is either recyclable or biodegradable. As most of the ingredients come
from Britain, the lip balm has a smaller carbon footprint.
*free from petroleum-based ingredients - no mineral oils, no petrolatum, no liquid paraffin.
*free from synthetic fragrances and flavours - all of the aromas are from pure essential oils and natural botanical extracts.
*free from artificial colours - the lovely golden colour of the lip balm comes from the beeswax and plant oils used to make it.
*free from synthetic preservatives - I use a natural rosemary extract to preserve the quality of my lip balms.

Natural Lip Balm - Commended - 2014 FreeFrom Skincare Awards - Best Facial Care (Leave-On)
Orange Lip Balm - Winner - 2014 Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards - Best Lip Balm
Silver - 2015 FreeFrom Skincare Awards - Best Facial Care (Leave-On)
Raspberry Rose Lip Balm - Winner - 2017 Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards - Best Buy
Shortlisted - 2017 FreeFrom Skincare Awards - Best Lip Balm

Fairfield Gardens
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