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Ethically Organic Reviews

We love Ethically Organic. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Ethically Organic products.

I have FINALLY found my face moisturizer. This stuff is AMAZING. I have sensitive skin with some ingredients...this cream works wonders on my skin and only has the purest ingredients. I am a complete fan!!! So thankful I found this stuff. :)

Review of Ethically Organic Pure Unscented Face Soufflé 60g

This body soufflé has a very nice texture, it is rich but easy to spread on the skin. The scent is very nice and not overwhelming as it can be sometimes with floral scent.

Review of Ethically Organic Floral Body Soufflé 120g

This is a great moisturiser but is very heavy on the shea butter. I bought it thinking the description had stated it goes well under make-up but I was mistaken; the text actually read "easily absorbed", which I took to mean doesn't leave residue on the skin, but unfortunately it does.

Great for night time use and seems to be working fantastically on a really dry patch of skin on my chin. Marked down because I now need to buy a daytime moisturiser!

Review of Ethically Organic Anti Ageing Face Soufflé 60g