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Essentially Nature

Welcome to Essentially Nature. We are here to offer you the best quality; organic, handmade face, body and hair care products.
Our ethos and top priority is to build and maintain health in a natural way, therefore our products are free from parabens, sulphates, artificial colours and synthetic perfumes.
Our ingredients: aromatic natural essential oils, nourishing carrier oils, rejuvenating butters and finest herbal extracts.
We designed our formulas using a wide range of essential oils and herbal preparations to meet specific skin and hair types demands.
Rather than only moisturising, hydrating or nourishing skin, Essentially Nature works in a holistic way, taking care of the whole system: mind, body, and spirit.
Our products help to balance, revitalise, and relax. The benefits of using essential oils in our products are limitless, on emotional and physical level. We combined their power with exquisite carrier oils and herbal preparations to ensure the best results.
Essentially Nature helps to overcome and soothe symptoms of various skin conditions like wrinkles, acne, cellulite, inflammation, irritation, itching, and skin damaged by the sun. Our famous Relaxing Lotion relieved many of our clients from the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Over the years we have gathered many testimonials that our products are gentle enough to use on babies and people with skin sensitivity.
Our collection consists of face, hair, and body care products, which include: body lotions, hand & body creams, face creams, shampoos, hair conditioners, and shower gels.
Organic ingredients in our products are certified by Organic Soil Association.
We are proud to say that none of our ingredients and products have been tested on animals.

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Our Ethos:
Essentially Nature is a family business.
In our household, we have always tried to live fit and healthy by ensuring our diet is balanced and diverse. But soon we realised that healthy food is only one of the factors responsible for our overall wellbeing. The other is what we apply to our skin and hair every day.
Once we recognised the damage that sulphates, parabens and other harsh chemicals could cause to our body and spirit, we decided it is the time to get rid of everything in our bathroom that contained these chemicals. Well, we were left with almost nothing suitable to use! That was a huge wake up call. The next step was to get online and find natural products instead. We tried many, but we struggled to find the brand that fulfils all of our needs: great aroma, no chemicals, best ingredients, and reasonable price.
Our 10-year daughter Alex asked us one day why don’t we make our own shampoos, lotions and shower gels. That was the beginning of our great adventure.
We studied, researched and tried many ingredients before we chose the best herbal extracts, essential oils and carrier oils from Australia’s botanicals.
Our friends’ knowledge and experience in the field of natural medicine had been a real gold mine to us: Mark Nicholson ASO- Herbalist, author and practitioner of Holistic Health, and Agata Listowska MA, a specialist in Chinese and Alternative Medicine.
Our family and friends got involved in testing and sending us their feedback. That allowed us to keep improving our recipes in order to meet all of their requirements. Our greatest pride and joy was when one of our friends called us one day, crying happy tears over the phone, that our Relaxing Body Lotion is perfect for her eczema and psoriasis. She’s been struggling for years with these difficult skin disorders and finally our lotion helped her to soothe and calm her skin. Since then many clients had improved their skin condition with our lotions.
We are so happy to start sharing our natural products with more and more people every day. We believe that the right choice of products for the specific skin or hair kind is crucial in achieving the desired effect; therefore we formulated our recipes to suit even the most sophisticated needs of our clients.
Our aim is to offer you what’s best.

Essentially Nature
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