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Ermana Natural Skincare Reviews

We love Ermana Natural Skincare. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Ermana Natural Skincare products.

Good quality stone which does the right thing. I love it!

Review of Ermana Jade Gua Sha

I love using cleansing balms to quickly and efficiently remove waterproof products immediately upon application or to perform a double cleanse. The product instantly melts when warming the balm between your fingertips before applying to your face. Skin instantly breathes a sigh of relief from the impact of hydration, while the citrus and woody scent reminds you of nature. No residue is felt on the skin after wiping off, but super soft skin and a healthier complexion continues to greet you, each time you use this lovely cleanser. Add the Ermana Cleanse Balm into your cleansing routine to feel and see the results for yourself.

Review of Ermana Cleanse Balm 60ml

When I first started using this cleansing balm I was disappointed by its texture: it is difficult to put on and a bit greasy. However, as I progressed using it, I noticed an improvement in my T-zone concern. It has a therapeutic smell, though.

Review of Ermana Cleanse Balm 60ml