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Ermana Natural Skincare

Ermana is a range of skincare products made from a blend of botanicals and all things natural. Our products are all preservative free and contain no parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances or colourings.
Ermana is nourishing and hydrating nutrition for your skin.

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Our Ethos

As we become more conscious of what we put into our body, Ermana’s ethos is to show as much concern for what we put on our body. Ermana products use high quality natural and organic ingredients so products are both healthy and beautiful. Using the best of what Mother Nature has to offer, our range includes face oils for both women and men, body oils and balms and we also cater for expectant mums with our Soothe Mama oil and balm.

We use UK based suppliers for all our ingredients, packaging, bottles and jars as we believe in the growth and promotion of local businesses.

Our Beginnings

I created Ermana through my interest in Aromatherapy as respite from a hectic work life. I have been a fashion and homewares buyer for many years sourcing and developing products for UK high street retailers. However I have always had an interest in skincare and beauty products.

This obsession began from experimenting with essential oils to create relaxation remedies, face and body oils at home. I immersed myself in all the books and research I could find about natural skin and body care treatment. I gave friends and family products as gifts for birthdays and Christmas and received some great feedback. This encouraged me to learn more about product ingredients and how they affect the skin. I went back to college in my spare time to study anatomy and physiology, aromatherapy and natural skincare.

My sister, Nicola has been my biggest supporter and has continuously encouraged me to keep working towards my dream of developing my own brand, and so Ermana (taken from the Spanish word for sister) seemed like the perfect name.

Now, together with my husband, James, we are working on Ermana with a mission to provide natural, healthy skincare products for people who want to know exactly what they are putting on their body.

We hope you love Ermana as much as we do.
Claire x

All Ermana products have undergone full cosmetic testing without using animals.

All Ermana products are hand-blended in the UK and are made in small batches to ensure they are as fresh as possible.

Ermana Natural Skincare
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