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EQ EVOA Reviews

We love EQ EVOA. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of EQ EVOA products.

This is a very potent and effective product. It has more of a thick and buttery texture than a traditional balm and it really packs a punch! Ideal for the very worst flu symptoms for instant relief.

Review of EQ EVOA Siberian Balm 15ml

The dermatologically tested serum with a floral and coconut fragrance can be applied to dry, damp, and wet hair, before any heat styling and exposure to the sun. Applying a few sprays into the palms of your hands and then applying to lengths and tips, a comb is a useful tip to ensure an even distribution of the product. Hair is perfectly protected throughout any styling processes and feels instantly smooth and nourished, without being weighed down or feeling greasy. You can even apply to the hair for an overnight treatment to continue its beneficial and salon-like results, nurture your hair anytime when applying this amazing natural hair serum!

Review of EQ EVOA Keep Glowing Repair & Protect Hair Serum 100ml