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English Rose Cosmetics Reviews

We love English Rose Cosmetics. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of English Rose Cosmetics products.

Presented in a practical but eye-appealing tin, the balm is of a thick creamy texture and applies beautifully with every application. I like to apply any body butter to damp skin to trap that surface moisture that is present straight after a shower or bath for extra hydration benefits. You only need a little of the body butter on application because it disperses excellently when gliding over the skin with ease and absorbs really quickly. The skin feels comfortable and nourished without feeling overloaded of stickiness or grease and the vanilla scent smells quite luxurious. Full review at

Review of English Rose Cosmetics Cocoa Ration Body Butter 100ml

it is amazing how quickly cream sinks into the skin and leaves no greasy film on top of it. my skin is super dry at winter but it works well, i hate oily creams anyways so this one is a keeper.

Review of English Rose Cosmetics Daily Defence Moisturiser 50ml

I have an oily skin and usually moisturiser will sit on my skin and give a shiny look. This is the only moisturiser I have found which sinks in my skin giving a matt finish. Brilliant. Lovely soft skin with no shine. You can use it night and day which is a double win. Highly recommended.

Review of English Rose Cosmetics Nighty Night Cream 50ml

can't comment anything about its effect on the skin and appearance of dark circles but its really light, sinks in amazingly well, leaves skin silky smooth and moisturised. at the same time doesn't contribute to extra puffiness in the morning. excellent.

Review of English Rose Cosmetics Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed eye cream 20ml

This is one wonderful product; it has light texture and nice smell, goes into skin fast and leaves no greasy feeling at all. Works good on my dry skin and makes fine wrinkles less noticable. Re-ordered it for the second time.

Review of English Rose Cosmetics Daily Defence Moisturiser 50ml

I am very disappointed with the packaging of this cream since the dispenser does not work and it is very difficult to extract the product. I like the texture and how it looks on my skin but every time I want to use it, it's a nightmare because I need to hit the product to extract it. I'm going to have to cut the pot in half with a kitchen knife and use another empty container to take advantage of the product.
I am not happy!

Review of English Rose Cosmetics Nighty Night Cream 50ml