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Emani Vegan Cosmetics Reviews

We love Emani Vegan Cosmetics. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Emani Vegan Cosmetics products.

The great thing about the primer is it does NOT contain any dimethicone's, a popular ingredient used in primers that forms a layer over the skin to compensate a smooth base. Oily or acne prone skin can see increased breakouts as dimethicone can trap excess sebum and bacteria under its layer, leading to more breakouts and frustration. The perfect 10 is a great alternative for these skin types and you will not experience any flaking or product pilling during and after application, thanks to the skin-benefiting ingredients.

Applying the perfect 10 primer couldn't be easier with the many ways you can use it. You can apply onto bare skin, to then proceed with your makeup application. Mix the serum into your moisturiser or sunscreen, to boost and aid skincare benefits throughout the day. Apply after your skincare products for a flawless foundation application or refresh and revive complexions quickly, midday or evenings. The versatile unisex primer is designed for daily use to offer a solution to problematic skin and to enhance your skins natural beauty.
Emani uses only all-natural ingredients that are beneficial to all skin types. The perfect 10 primer incorporates these key ingredients to hydrate, stimulate, and protect your complexion each time the serum is applied.

The grooved lime green bottle fits perfectly in your hand with the pump applicator that dispenses just the right amount you need to use. The directions state to pump out a dime sized amount either to clean fingers or a brush, to then blend evenly from the centre of your face outward. The light consistency of the serum glides over skin easily, before absorbing quickly to leave a hydrated and smooth base. Your complexion looks instantly revived and radiant, leaving skin looking healthy without feeling greasy and looking too shiny. Makeup applies better when your base is perfectly hydrated and primed, which is exactly what the emani perfect 10 primer serum achieves but with added skincare benefits! Add the primer into your skincare regime or apply before application of makeup, the choice is entirely yours to see and feel the benefits each time the serum is applied, Highly Recommend!

Review of Emani Perfect 10 Primer Serum 30ml