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Elli Reviews

We love Elli. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Elli products.

But it's still lovely. I hadn't read the ingredients initially so I didn't realize it was an oil based product. It's much more like an oil cleanser than a traditional wash, but is very effective and leaves the skin clean and so soft.

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Review of Elli Ultra Face Wash 100g

Best foot cream I tryed !!!! The smell is amazing!!

Review of Elli Foot Balm 60g

Unfortunately the smell of lavender is too overwhelming. Its so strong, the same power of undiluted essential oil . I enjoy the relaxing scent of lavender but this is too strong a scent for the face and not really suitable for day time wear or for anyone who doesn't like the strong scent of essential oils. More of a temple balm in my opinion hence why I've given it a low rating.

Review of Elli Face Balm 15g