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Eco by Sonya

Eco by Sonya are a Certified Organic Australian tanning, bodycare and now BRAND NEW Skincare brand!! They have a huge cult following in Australia due to the purity of the products and the great natural tan that they give you, you'll get no orange disasters with us! The products in the range are Organic and 100% Natural. Eco by Sonya broke the mould by being the first and only organic tan to be certified by the Organic Australian Organic Food Chain - a government approved certification that is recognised internationally. They are also certified toxin free by Safe Cosmetics Australia & certified Cruelty Free by Choose Cruelty free. Sonya and her team have recently launched their skin compost range that is a fabulous skincare range with 5 products built around super foods. Perfect for any skin type. Eco by Sonya has racked up awards from Janey Loves Platinum, The Natural Health International, Pure Beauty, Green Parent and The Beauty Shortlist.

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All of the products are certified organic, vegan, toxin free and cruelty free. Vegetable ink is used in the printing process on all packaging. Eco by name, Eco by nature! If you have sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, Eco's products are perfect for you due to their natural healing properties. Eco don't follow the trends, they set them!

Eco by Sonya's inspirational founder, Sonya Driver, devised the products 5 years ago after her gentle spirited 30 year old sister was diagnosed with melanoma.
Still wanting a tan but without the potential risk from exposure to the Sun's UVA & UVB rays Sonya sought the next best thing and started having spray tans. She then became concerned about the ingredients we were constantly covering ourselves with. Sonya began to research the ingredients from many different brands regardless of their claims. It only took her a few minutes to decide not to use their products anymore.

After thousands of hours researching and formulating Sonya put together a solution that she believes is not only beautiful it is safe and free from all things nasty and artificial. The colours do not contain synthetic food colouring and are made from natural Cacao ( Chocolate), herbs, flower extract , fruit extract and chamomile from Mother Earth. Sonya uses certified organics and naturals in all of her formulas. She will not compromise quality or safety for the mighty dollar.

It is the aim of Eco by Sonya to bring you a range of products that not only will you love but also have as little impact on Mother Nature as possible.

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