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Eco by Sonya Reviews

We love Eco by Sonya. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Eco by Sonya products.

I tend to look very pale in winter (dark hair and fair skin) and thought to give this a try. I use this on my face as well as body and I am absolutely impressed, my skin had a very light, completely natural looking slight tan to it even after the very first application. I applied it four consecutive days following the instructions and the colour of my skin is just like in summer, I cannot believe how natural this looks. I apply only a very small amount with my bare hands, just like a natural moisturiser then wash my palms thoroughly and voila. It doesn't stain and it smells really nice.

Review of Eco by Sonya Winter Skin 200ml

I am on my second bottle . Looks natural ! Just like you went on vacation . My skin is very sensitive but this does not iritate it.

Review of Eco by Sonya Face Tan Water 100ml

There is no doubt about the positive effects of the high Aloe Vera content in this product, but the smell of it has nothing to do with the natural smell of coconut as the description claims. I didn't look at the ingredients careful enough, otherwise I would have seen that the coconut oil used in this is not virgin, so it doesn't have the delicious natural coconut smell I was expecting it to have. I only bought this to extend the fake tan by the same brand, but wouldn't repurchase as the smell of a product is something which is very important to me.

Review of Eco by Sonya Coconut Body Milk 375ml

I'm mosquito food while I'm away - French ones consider me a buffet I think. So it's pretty hard to get an effective insect repellent, and this one was okay, but I still came home with about 20 bites, and it only lasted about a week with heavy use (I cover myself head to toe in the evening, then again before bed). I don't think I'm a fair, or typical, user to be reviewing this, but if the bugs love you too it might not be very effective/cost-effective.

Review of Eco by Sonya Personal Outdoor Spray 100ml