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Dr. Botanicals

The Apothecary Collection from Dr Botanicals is a new range of 100% Natural and Vegan-Friendly Skincare.” The collection sets a new standard in natural, ethical and vegan skincare. Fresh ingredients in skincare matter. We’ve created a range that is free from parabens, preservatives, perfumes and of course not in any way tested on animals. Dr Botanicals is the choice of a new generation looking for natural yet effective skincare.

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Dr Botanicals is one of the world's leading skincare brands, where we use the earth as our inspiration for everything we do. We believe that our One Earth Philosophy gives us the right to call ourselves Nature's True Beauty Experts.

Reach down to the luscious green grass and see the world at its most gentle and pure. Our botanicals range is a natural evolution of the 'organic' movement, however, we look closer to the earth for inspiration and key ingredients.

Founded by skincare pioneers, Dr Botanicals is the embodiment of decades of research. We source the finest ingredients nature has to offer from around the world, to make the purest treatments we can. Products from nature, made with love.

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