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We love D’ALCHÉMY. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of D’ALCHÉMY products.

I've tried a sample of this in the July box, but I'd like to try more since it contains some pretty amazing natural ingredients. It smells absolutely gorgeous, for starters! It moisturises well, and leaves a nice matte finish. As for the claims made, I will have to try more!

Review of D'Alchemy Age-Cancellation Booster 50ml

I bought this to use as a serum, but it feels more like a cream, so I use it at night and pat a little facial oil on top for extra moisture.
I have oily and blemish prone skin and I feel like this product has kept my skin more or less in check, but it could be better considering the price.

Review of D'Alchemy All-Over Blemish Solution 50ml

Not really a balm - more of a lotion. From someone who has quite dry skin I was expecting good things but this was akin to having a thin lotion in a very small tube. Not recommended.

Review of D'Alchemy Essential Body Balm - mini 15ml