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Dafna's Personal Skincare Reviews

We love Dafna's Personal Skincare. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Dafna's Personal Skincare products.

This is one of the most expensive face masks that I've ever tried but I can honestly say that it's like having a pricey facial done every time that you use it. Amazing for using when you have jet lag to 'wake' your face up!

Review of Dafna's Skincare Revival - Bio Active Beauty Mask 50ml

This is an amazing eye treatment for anyone who is concerned about the first signs of ageing, or who currently have fine lines and wrinkles. Really impressed by the light texture and how good it is overall! Definitely worth splashing out on.

Review of Dafna's Skincare Eye Care 20ml

Unscrewing the lid off the eye-appealing glass black jar, you will notice the cleanser is in solid form and a light citric scent captures your senses. Using the tool that arrives with the cleanser or placing your finger into the jar, you dispense a pearl sized amount to massage the Dafna's skincare recovery cleanser into dry skin. I really like how little you need for application to cover the whole of your face and there are two ways you can use it, which is perfect for morning and evening cleansing. You can leave the cleanser to act for a few seconds before rinsing off with warm water, great for those mornings when your in a hurry and don't have the time for an in-depth cleansing routine. The other useful tip is you can leave it on your skin for longer, for your skin to experience an extra nourishment treatment that is perfect for an evening cleansing routine.

The Dafna's skincare recovery cleanser efficiently cleanses the skin without over-stripping and upsetting the skins natural balance. Providing a deep cleanse to remove any products you may use such as makeup and sunscreen, it also fights skin oxidation that is caused by sun exposure, pollution and climate changes, to aid and help skins healing abilities. The other and important function is the natural scent that captures your senses to influence your well-being, if you feel good inside, you look good on the outside! Removing the recovery cleanser couldn't be easier, you can use your hands with warm water, or for an added exfoliation method you can use a muslin cloth. Skin is left deeply nourished with a natural healthy glow and is prepared for you to proceed with application of your skincare products, highly recommended!

Review of Dafna's Skincare Recovery Cleanser 50ml

Looking for a light moisturiser that can deliver quantities of hydration can be quite a difficult task. Skincare products labelled "light" can lack hydrating benefits because of the formula being too texturally light and the formulation only including one or two key hydrators.

The white lotion glides over skin and is immediately absorbed, leaving skin instantly satisfied, without feeling sticky or greasy. Skin feels smooth and looks revitalised with only using a little and your senses are uplifted due to the natural ingredients scent. Guys can apply the product after their shave routine to soothe skin and boost hydration levels, if they don't like to use a lot of different products and want a quick result to go. You can easily fit this into your skincare routine by swapping out your usual moisturiser, you just have to remember to apply SPF, which applies excellent over this, for hydrated and brighter skin in one easy application. My full review can be found at Highly recommend!

Review of Dafna's Skincare Moisture Light 30ml