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Cosm'etika Reviews

We love Cosm'etika. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Cosm'etika products.

It works well, dries fast when applied, protects decently, doesn't irritate skin and is very comfortable in usage as it has a special bag and doesn't have a plastic case.

Review of Cosmetikabio Alun Pure Crystal Deodorant

I am of Indian origin, I love henna and the conditioning properties for the hair however it is very hard to blend henna and not have an orange or red tone to the hair. This box of hair dye is lovely, hair is left bouncy, in beautiful condition and without an odd tone. I have to admit, I leave this in for at least 8 hours and it does cover my greys.

Review of Cosmetikabio Hair Colour - Dark Brown

A great product but beware of the colour. My strawberry blonde is orange (original hair colour was blonde) and although lovely it was a bit of a shock initially. I left it on for 40 mins.

Review of Cosmetikabio Hair Colour - Strawberry Blonde