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Cosm ́etika is the first Czech decorative natural cosmetics.
First-class processed and traditional natural ingredients like mica (a naturally occurring mineral), candelilla wax or perilla oil together with mineral pigments create amazing hydrating products with excellent properties. Due to the unigue ingredients these products last all day, they do not crumble or smudge and easily surpass conventional products.

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Because of the luxury preservation with nanosilver they
function also as prevention of bacterial acne and other skin damages caused by today’s hectic and dusty environment.
The brand owner is Ing. Michaela Kochanová – a phytopathologist who has been dealing with natural cosmetics for 15 years.

Due to balanced natural ingredients Cosm ́etika products do not dry the skin out or burden it. The result is beautiful, shining and velvety-soft skin.

Cosm ́etika was born to interconnect Mother Nature with newest knowledge in the field of cosmetic manufacturing focused on the modern and independent woman.
Deep respect for nature and animals has been united with sustainable development.

Packaging materials are deliberately so minimalistic – made of paper to create as little waste as possible... Ingenious refill system enables your own choice of products into magnetic palettes.

The brand is not tested on animals and is strictly vegan. It does not contain talc.

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