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Botanicals Reviews

We love Botanicals. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Botanicals products.

Can't fault this lovely organic cleanser. It works so well to remove makeup and sunscreen. Smells glorious too!

Review of Botanicals Nourish Cream Cleanser 100ml

Really love this beautifully soft balm. It's refreshing and cooling and is great to fix cracked heels and keep feet soft.

Review of Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm 60g

Gave this as a gift. Fantastic fragrance and great to have a natural anti-bacterial action. Only downside is the product gets on the label after a pump and this discolours the label so it looks a bit naff.

Review of Botanicals Lemongrass Revitalising Hand Wash 200ml

This hydrating moisturiser works so well to keep my skin soft and supple without irritation. Its fragrance is very subtle.

Review of Botanicals Gentle Moisturiser 30ml

This is the perfect combination of a Botanicals nourishing balm, along with crushed rosehip kernels. The balm melts on the skin whilst the rosehip kernels give just the right amount of abrasion. Love it!

Review of Botanicals Cleanse & Polish: Rose & Camellia 60g