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Bloomtown Reviews

We love Bloomtown. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Bloomtown products.

I love this face mask. The consistency is like a whipped mousse and it is easy to apply. This formula is great for sensitive skin as it is gentle and soothing. I like to use it twice a week and again I leave it on for 25 mins.
It feels lovely and soothing on my skin and after rinsing my skin felt so pampered and soft. My dehydrated patches are gone and my skin has a nice glow.

Review of Bloomtown The Spring Blue Clay & Indigo Leaf Soothing Mask 60ml

I really love this lip balm. It comes in a cute little tin and is a hand bag essential. I’m always drawn to lip balms with peppermint as I enjoy the tingling cooling sensation on my lips. It is very soothing and hydrating so no chapped lips here.

Review of Bloomtown Avo Mint Vegan Lip Balm 20g

Ooh I am so addicted to the scent of this body oil. I was completely blown away the first time I tried it. I later purchased the roller ball version so I can carry it with me!

I know rose products are not to everyone’s liking but I have to say this is not your ‘typical rose’ scent. This body oil smells gorgeous, it is sweet, floral and romantic.

The consistency is light and it absorbs easily without any greasy residue. I haven’t tried it as a bath oil but it’s now my go-to body oil. My skin feels silky soft and smooth and delicately scented. I also love using it on my hair to tame frizz.

Review of Bloomtown The Rose Garden Musk Rose & White Flowers Infused Oil 100ml

I really love this scrub. It smells gorgeous and my skin is left feeling smooth and soft. Great value for money - I will definitely be buying this again.

Review of Bloomtown The Hedgerow Blackberry & Honeysuckle Sugar Scrub 60ml

I exfoliate regularly and I love a good scrub. First of all this one smells absolutely amazing. I love sweet smelling products and the scent of blackberry and honeysuckle is incredibly sweet and intoxicating, reminiscent of a perfect summer day. The scent filled my entire bathroom!

The consistency of the scrub is perfect and not too abrasive. It spreads really well when you apply it and doesn’t just fall straight off your skin. It does a great job sloughing off dead skin cells. After rinsing my skin, it felt super smooth, soft, glowing and smelling amazing.

Review of Bloomtown The Hedgerow Blackberry & Honeysuckle Sugar Scrub 60ml

I always look forward to applying a face mask as it means I can take time out and focus on self-care.

I occasionally get breakouts and congestion so I apply this clearing mask twice a week. It is easy to apply and I feel a warm sensation afterwards. The best part is it doesn’t dry out so I can chill for 25 mins.

Using this face mask has been a noticeable difference to my skin, it really decongests my skin and it looks clearer and feels smoother. Love it!

Review of Bloomtown The Clearing Black Clay & Tea Tree Treatment Mask 60ml