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Bia Beauty Skincare Reviews

We love Bia Beauty Skincare. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Bia Beauty Skincare products.

This moisturiser is fantastic! I have incredibly sensitive skin thats also very dry and prone to acne and eczema. However, since using this cream for the last week, my skin tone has evened, the rash on the bottom of my face is fading fast and my skin is much less sore. I react to so many ingredients and have had to return the last 4 moisturisers I purchased from different stores due to allergic reactions. However, I will definitely repurchase the larger bottle of this.

Review of Bia Beauty Skincare, Skin Superfood 50ml

I don't have sensitive skin (I can't rememer ever coming up in a rash to something) but do like to use natural skincare. I used this cream twice and have developed an itchy raised red rash all over my face that hasn't gone down yet after 24 hours. All I can think is that it is the salicylic acid in it but I'm not sure. I was surprised to see this as ingredient when I looked and it isn't listed in the description. Also, I find the smell very unpleasant.

Review of Bia Beauty Skincare, Skin Superfood 50ml