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Ben & Anna Reviews

We love Ben & Anna. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Ben & Anna products.

My husband and I recently tried this, and we're both amazed! It smells lovely, and keeps smell away and feels dry for days. Yes..days..

Review of Ben & Anna - Natural Soda Deodorant - Vanilla Orchid (Paper Tube)

This deodorant is AMAZING. I sweat like a piglet before Christmas and have struggled to find a deodorant that I can count on - and I don't mean just a natural one, one in general. Even most antiperspirants left me a stinking mess. But these ones... The scent is subtle, the cream seems to make my armpits soft and actually care for the skin; no irritation even when using on the same day I shaved. And the packaging is all cardboard, so you can't really get more eco-friendly than that. Yes, it can be annoying to get the last bits out since you have to push up the stick with your finger (a problem for someone with tiny hands such as mine), but it's worth the little hassle. Won't change these for anything! Aside from this, my favourites scents are Mandarin and Lime.

Review of Ben & Anna - Natural Soda Deodorant - Vanilla Orchid (Paper Tube)

I've gone through a multitude of natural deodorants - some which have failed miserably. This one, however, has been a real winner and is currently top of my list. Subtle lovely scent and very moisturising as well as working effectively well. The bonus is the paper tube which I love and works as well - more brands should look into that. Well done Ben & Anna!

Review of Ben & Anna - Natural Soda Deodorant - Pink Grapefruit (Paper Tube)

I know a lot of people who prefer to purchase everyday products in glass as a plastic-free alternative so these jars are great for those cutting down on plastic waste. I love the minty fresh feeling and find these jars last about two-three months.

Review of Ben & Anna - Toothpaste White - 100ml

Pleased to find a plastic-free alternative to the mainstream plastic mouthwash bottles. Lovely fresh flavour that matches the sensitive toothpaste from Ben & Anna.

Review of Ben & Anna - Mouthwash Sensitive - 500ml

I've been trying out a bunch of plastic-free toothpastes and this one is my favourite so far. Fresh flavour and works a treat for my sensitive teeth!

Review of Ben & Anna - Toothpaste Sensitive - 100ml

This is a fantastic natural deodorant. It really works, I've tried many natural and organic deodorants over the years and this has become my absolute favourite, and this version ie the Persian Lime. The smell is subtle but the effectiveness is 100%. I've also got the Pink Grapefruit and its just as good, but the smell is too subtle, I would actually prefer that one to be a bit stronger in the smell just because I like the smell of pink grapefruit.

Review of Ben & Anna - Natural Soda Deodorant - Persian Lime (Paper Tube)

I've toyed with the idea of buying something a bit more eco friendly in the toothpaste department for a long time, but with them generally being more expensive, and not being sure of the 'mouth-feel' and results, it put me off, but I'm glad I tested Ben & Anna whitening toothpaste. It's very smooth textured, has a slight foam which is smooth too, and a good strong minty flavour which isn't very sweet, as some mainstream commercial toothpastes are. It lasts well in the mouth whilst brushing too, so after at least two minutes, there's still paste in there, it hasn't all dissolved away. Not sure of any whitening effects but to be honest I wasn't really looking for that. But definitely will repurchase!

Review of Ben & Anna - Toothpaste White - 100ml