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Beaut-Boutique Reviews

We love Beaut-Boutique . Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Beaut-Boutique products.

I'm not a great user of lash filling products/false lashes, so I don't have much for means of comparison, but this came with clear instructions and was easy to apply. I wear contact lenses, and it didn't say anything about the suitability for use with contacts, but I didn't have any issues. I did apply very carefully, and tapped off excess fibres during applications as a precaution - didn't want any little flakes in my eyes! Lashes looked nice and full.

Review of Beaut-Boutique Brush On Lashes

I had an allergic reaction with this product (itching around the eye)

Review of Beaut-Boutique Marine under-Eye Collagen 15ml

Not a fan. Half of the cream stayed in the bottle - really hard to get out using the pump design. Product felt slightly gritty. Certainly fine as a basic moisturiser but would not use again sadly.

Review of Beaut-Boutique Radiance Moisturiser 50ml

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