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Be In Blossom Reviews

We love Be In Blossom. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Be In Blossom products.

The black coral serum appears as a light yellow colour, but soon disperses once applied over the skin with massaging circular movements. Essences and serums containing your active ingredients should be applied before, because the black coral serum contains oils that may stop your water based serums from penetrating fully. Oils can penetrate water, so if you follow a layering skincare routine then the black coral slots into your routine after your water serums and before your moisturiser. I was really impressed on how quickly the skincare product sinks into the skin leaving skin supple, hydrated and protected, without leaving the complexion feeling oily and looking super shiny. Light enough to be used in hot weather seasons, whilst being able to boost hydration in the colder seasons, this serum continues to protect and improve the skin when applied all year round. Full review at

Review of Be In Blossom Black Coral Face-Tuning Serum for Men 30ml