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Be In Blossom


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For BE IN BLOSSOM®, beauty care is true art and not bulk goods. BE IN BLOSSOM® designs every product like a work of art - meaningful, effective and true style.
With a lot of perfection, every product concept is researched, experimented and refined over many years until a unique product is created: perfect and tailor-made product solution with innovative beauty techniques for the individual needs of each individual customer. The ecologically pure luxury care feels like second skin. The effective skin preparations improve the skin and give it new youthful radiance.

Especially for you, BE IN BLOSSOM® creates unique formulas with the most effective substances, rarest ingredients, most precious essences from all over the world to give you something special, a true luxury –beauty and time ...
Experience the modern beauty art with proven quality “made in Germany".

COMPONENTS - highly efficient

The percentage of different active materials in each product, is up to 70% of the whole product component. Multilevel-Effect (More-level-Effect) – several top-class materials are combined – a fusion for optimal effectiveness, which implements the multiple effect. The biotechnology and hightech substances are applied in high doses.

LUXURY - lavish

BE IN BLOSSOM® is a first class product of the highest quality and efficiency: The light textures, which are absorbed straight away and do not leave a film on the skin. The unique formula with the most effective components, rare oils and precious essences from all over the world – for your satisfaction and happiness.


- Is strictly Organic-Quality
- Kind to the skin and environmentally friendly
- Vegan, no animal testing, no biogenetics
- No Paraben, mineral oils, silicones, petro-chemical and toxic materials

PERFUME - unique

BE IN BLOSSOM® does not use standard perfumes in their products, only rare essences from petals, woods and grasses. These essences have a double-effect:
- Regeneration, sedation and vitalisation of the skin.
- Aroma therapy whilst applying the products with their sensual and harmonising qualities.
Perfumes: OCEAN FLOWER® - bitter-maritim with a highly dominant flowery touch from opulent Indian flowers and BLACK CORAL® - bitter-woody and with a smokey touch of French Algae.

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