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Barely Reviews

We love Barely. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Barely products.

This is a really good makeup sponge that applies my foundation perfectly. It looks like the RT Miracle sponge, but it is way better. The shape is so great, and the sponge applies foundation easily everywhere, even the parts around your nose and the undereye area. Love it!

Review of Barely Definer Sponge Soft

Це чудовий продукт. Форма - дуже зручна, в поєднанні з вдалим кольором ( особливо, якщо вам недовподоби занадто яскраві аналоги). Ставлю тверду 5. Обовязково замовлю ще через якийсь час

Review of Barely Definer Sponge Soft