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Barefoot Botanicals Reviews

We love Barefoot Botanicals. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Barefoot Botanicals products.

It softens skin whilst soothing irritated areas. I am able to use this on areas of dermatitis without stinging - it reduces redness and heals dry areas without being sticky. It is easily absorbed

Review of Barefoot Botanicals SOS Rescue Face & Body Cream 50ml

I use this after I have played outdoor sports, it soothes away windburn and replenishes my skin, non greasy and smells lush.

Review of Barefoot Botanicals SOS Rescue Face & Body Cream 25ml

My husband has red, dry spots on his forehead from sun damage and this cream has helped soften the skin considerably.

Review of Barefoot Botanicals SOS Rescue Face & Body Cream 25ml

This stuff is terrible. It's not great at removing make up and the feeling of a cream being smeared all over your face just feels unclean and heavy. I felt I had to wash it off after using which defeats the purpose of buying it to begin with as I could just use soap.
I would NOT use this to remove eye make-up, i tried it and my eyes stung, burned and felt sore for hours. No I didn't get it in my eye it's just so strong my eyes couldn't take it. Not an effect I'd expect from a natural product.
Garner micellar water was more effective and less harsh than this. Hell, regular soap is better than this.
My friend tried it and could use it but only if she immediately washed it off and didn't use it on eye make up. 99p soap bars or £4 micellar water from the shop does a better job.
This product is unnecessary and for some just outright painful to use

Review of Barefoot Botanicals SOS Repair & Renew Nourishing Cleansing Cream 125ml