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Balm Balm

Balm Balm's 100% Organic products are a staple in our beauty cabinets. Multi purpose miracle workers that soothe, heal and nourish skin anywhere and everywhere, plus they smell great and look super cute!

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The Balm Balm range is a unique collection of totally pure, super effective balms, oils and more.

The company was founded in 2005 by Glenda Taylor and is built on her years of experience as an aromatherapist, perfumier and natural formulation consultant . Her aim was to create an affordable, 100% organic Skincare range for the whole body, perfect for even the most sensitive of skins, and to leave as Green a footprint as possible.

Today the range continues to be lovingly made by hand with every finished product certified 100% organic and 100% natural; free from Parabens, SLS's and Preservatives and with all ingredients clearly listed and BUAV approved.

The range has grown to include multi-tasking Balms for the whole body; Bath and Body Oils for babies and grown ups; Eau de Parfums that can be used individually or layered; organic Essential Oils and a Facial Skincare range for all skin types.

Therapeutic, gentle, versatile and as organic as humanly possible. Balm Balm is absolute natural goodness for your skin.

PLEASE NOTE that Balm Balm fragrances can only be sent within the UK.

Balm Balm
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