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Bali Balm

Bali Balm it's on Everybody's Lips !

Bali Balm is a new luxury lip-balm brand for men and women. Its rich, intensive formula is both vegan and 100% natural, containing plant oils high in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Bali Balm has been perfected to absorb quickly and lock in moisture without leaving a waxy film on the surface of your lips. With your choice of four uniquely chef curated flavours, each Bali Balm tube is a smooth fusion of botanicals and spices.

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When you choose Bali Balm, you are choosing one of the most luxurious all-natural lip balms on the market. Our collection includes these four mouth-watering lip balm flavours:

i) Bergamot and Grapefruit

ii) Lemon and Black Pepper

iii) Cinnamon and Burnt Orange

iv) Sandalwood and Ginger

Each balm is produced in Bali and created using ingredients that are 100% natural. They are long-lasting and contain an ethical, bee-friendly formula of coconut, castor and kukui nut oil, combined with candelilla leaf wax and sugar cane extract. Our unique blend of vitamin-rich essential oils ensure lips are left moisturised, healed and revitalised, without leaving a waxy film on the surface.

Bali Balm partnered with award-winning chef, Russell Bateman to curate our flagship flavours, each with their own unique alluring aroma and silky smooth texture for irresistibly kissable lips. Now at the helm of his own kitchen at The Grove Hotel, Bateman has already worked with an array of the world’s greatest chefs including Eric Chavot, Alyn Williams, Marcus Wareing, Marc Veyrat and Daniel Clifford.

Supporting local communities is at the forefront of Bali Balm’s ethos. Now introducing our Kiss the Planet pledge, a contribution from each sale of Bali Balm will aid the Mount Agung Emergency Response to help families still badly affected by that volcano’s activity in 2017. Moreover, Bali Balm employs environmentally friendly and sustainable practices such as ensuring our packaging is 100% recyclable so you can feel safe in the knowledge that with each application you 'Kiss the planet'.

Environmental issues are front and centre of our minds here at Bali Balm. We are therefore 100% beeswax free. No animal products or animal-derived products (such as honey or lanolin) are used in our balms. By using ingredients not tested on or produced by animals, we can ensure that the production of Bali Balm does not negatively affect our fellow creatures, leaving mother nature to do things her way.

Kiss The Planet Pledge

The Kiss the Planet Pledge is a campaign created by Bali Balm to support eco-friendly, sustainable and cruelty free practices in the production, packaging and use of their lip care products. The pledge is a commitment to use only natural and recyclable products and processes that do as little harm to ecosystems and the environment as possible. As part of that pledge, Bali Balm also partners with grassroots organisations that are involved in conservation, sustainability and humanitarian relief.

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