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Awake Organics® Reviews

We love Awake Organics®. Find out what our customers have to say about the range of Awake Organics® products.

This is the best deodorant I have ever used. No matter what I do, it is effective - smells fresh, non sticky and a pleasure to use. Will be buying it again.

Review of Awake Organics Aura Natural Deodorant 50ml

The sea quartz cleanser not only provides a cleansing experience but it also incorporates a physical exfoliation from the ingredients included. Exfoliating the skin can help gently buff away and remove dead skin cells for a smoother and brighter complexion while also helping your other skincare products to absorb better. The green coloured smooth paste should be applied to a damp skin avoiding the eye area while using circular motions to gently buff the skin with the fine exfoliators contained in the formula. I would suggest using your fingers when exfoliating rather than using a facial tool or wash cloth because you can measure the pressure used with touch to touch because exfoliating should never hurt or compromise the skin.
A sweet aroma of orange, chamomile and coconut will delicately influence your senses while the paste transforms to a milk when rinsing with warm water for perfectly balanced and silky-soft skin when dry. Full Review Here:

Review of Awake Organics Sea Quartz Cleanser 15g

On my recent foray into testing a few eco friendly toiletries out, I chose space cat deodorant, mainly because of the name, which is completely irrelevant to the product, but still, it did it's job! So thumbs up there! I'm not a particularly sweaty person, but always usually wear mainstream spray antiperspirant. This is hands down better than any of those. Period. It is a greyish greenish ungritty paste which you apply with your fingers. The smell, whilst not unpleasant, is certainly not 'zingy mint' or 'sweet vanilla' or any of the other things I've read but it is certainly not delightful! It is a faint minty smell over an earthy smelling base. Thankfully it doesn't last. Due to its efficacy, it's credentials and in spite of the scent and method of application, I would re stock in a second. x

Review of Awake Organics Space Cat Probiotic Deodorant (NO BICARB), 60g

I am disappointed with this deodorant. Ingredients are great and I love the smell, but it just does not perform and I am not a sweaty person. I have tried a bunch of magnesium based deodorants and the only one I repurchased is the one from Schmidt's.

Review of Awake Organics Space Cat Probiotic Deodorant (NO BICARB), 60g