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  • Awake Organics®
  • Awake Organics®

Awake Organics®

Awake Organics is a natural, indie-beauty brand with sustainability at heart. We make plant based skin care and natural deodorant bursting with vitamin-rich fruit oils, and delicious superfoods that get results. By mixing skin care with complimentary therapies, like aromatherapy and crystal healing, we've created a truly unique beauty experience. Don't worry about controversial additives either. We don't use those.

100% Natural ◆ Plant Based ◆ Certified Cruelty Free ◆ Made in England ◆ Plastic Free ◆ Multi Award-Winning

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Awake Organics is a natural, indie-beauty brand born from the heart. We make plant based skin care and natural deodorant bursting with vitamin-rich fruit oils and delicious superfoods that get results!

Are you avoiding controversial additives and environmentally UN-friendly packaging in your daily routine? We use food grade, organic and sustainably sourced raw plant materials and locally produced, plastic free packaging. With better ingredients and packaging, better results are achieved for both you and the planet. You don't have to compromise.

◆ UK Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Oil: Food grade, grown and pressed on a chemical-free farm in West Sussex. Rich in Amino acids easily assimilated by all skin types. Queen of sustainable crops.

◆ Organic Frankincense: Premium, wild and Soil Association organic certified. Has a toning, tightening effect.

◆ Organic Sea Buckthorn Fruit: 12 X the Vitamin C of an orange. We use two types: Macerated to extract whole plant vitamins A, C, E, and CO2 for concentrated strength.

◆ Organic Babassu: A rich fatty acid composition similar to coconut oil but absorbs easily into the skin without blocking pores. Soil Association certified.

◆ Carrot Seed: Super antioxidant, high vitamin A content. Works hard to plump out fine lines and helps the skin recover from sun exposure.

◆ Organic Spirulina: Oxygenates and detoxifies skin. Excellent source of minerals and great for city dwellers. Soil Association certified.

◆ Organic Turmeric: Brightens and refines the skin. Has a natural lightening effect that benefits discolouration due to sun damage. Soil Association certified.

◆ Clear Quartz: Known in the metaphysical world as 'The Master Healer'. Our ultra fine crystal powder gently buffs dead cells and imparts positive, healing energy with every use. Made in the USA using an artisanal method, which involves several cycles of gemstone crushing, washing, drying, sifting, magnetising and grading.

Parabens, sulphates (SLS), petrochemicals, microplastics, alcohol, artificial fragrances and colours, water, aluminium and all synthetic additives currently known to be harmful to human health. Our products are scented using extremely high quality, organic essential oils and fresh herbal macerations.

We only source our ingredients, labels, and paper packaging from trusted suppliers based in the UK and Italy. Every one of our ingredients must fit in at least one of these five criteria: Soil Association Certified Organic, Fair-trade, Wild-crafted, Food Grade, or Local Organic (small producer without certification but grows using organic farming methods).

Our entire product range is plant-based and suitable for Paleos and Vegetarians, however some products contain beeswax. Please look for "Vegan" on the label if this applies to you.

100% of the ingredients we use do not pose threat to marine health or pollute waterways when they rinse off your body.

Our (non-virgin) glass jars and bottles are made in Europe, saving on lengthy transcontinental imports and ensuring endless recyclability. Our cartons are made just seven miles from our Buckinghamshire premises, using recycled FSC material and biodegradable veggies inks.

Cartons: 100% recyclable and can be disposed of in your regular recycling (blue bin).
Glass Bottles/Jars: 100% recyclable and can be disposed of in your regular recycling (blue bin).
Aluminium Caps: 100% recyclable and can be disposed of in your regular recycling (blue bin).
Pipettes: Partially recyclable. detach the glass stem of the pipette disposed in your regular recycling (blue bin). The rest of the pipette is not currently recyclable, please dispose of in your general waste.
Lids: Mixed materials. Check with your local facilities to see if they can go in your blue bin.

Awake Organics®
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