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Arganic is the UK's most trusted argan oil supplier, winning numerous accolades for the quality of our 100% pure, certified organic & single origin argan oil. Learn more about Arganic

Arganic is the UK's most trusted supplier of argan oil. We pride ourselves on purity, traceability and community, having received numerous accolades and press for the quality of our oil and the ethical way in which we operate.

PURITY: Arganic is 100% pure, vegan and Soil Associated organic. Argan oil contains an abundance of vitamin E and a myriad of anti-oxidants which rebuilds cells to strengthen, restore and beautify the hair and skin. Unlike others, we hand pick our fruit and don't involve animals in production, in order to implement the highest ethical and hygienic standards. We always store our oil in dark, protective bottles to prevent oxidisation and preserve the quality of our oil.

TRACEABILITY: We are the only argan oil brand in the UK who names their partner farm on the bottle. Rather than mixing from various farms, which is commonplace in the industry, we work exclusively and directly with our partner farm in Morocco. We are even able to trace your bottle back to the exact tree it came from.

COMMUNITY: Our founder, Dana, learnt the local language and regularly visits in order to work directly with the Berber woman, whose traditional expertise in producing argan oil is unrivalled. We cut out the middle-men and make sure they are paid fairly and directly, as well as provide a free creche and classroom for their children. It takes 30 kilos of fruit and 15 hours of hand work to produce one litre of oil.

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