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Afya Organics

AFYA is a natural and organic skincare and beauty brand inspired by the healing traditions of Africa's myriad tribes, whose stories are elegantly told through the eco-friendly packaging and design. Containing African sourced ingredients and manufactured in Australia to the highest global certified standards, AFYA's products are formulated for those who respect nature's healing energy and honour our human need for healing, relaxation, beauty and balance. AFYA is health and beauty from skin to soul. Learn more about Afya Organics

AFYA is a skincare and beauty brand created by Kenyan born Neva Mwiti-Read and her husband Blair Read, both passionate believers in natural based and clean science proven skincare that delivers effective results. A nurtured love for Africa’s rich heritage and traditions, alongside their passion for beauty and creativity, brought about the birth of their brand in 2014, a revolutionary skincare range that offers men and women access to the wealth of Africa’s natural and organic knowledge and heritage.

The purpose of the AFYA brand is to bring to life the essence of Africa’s natural and botanical goodness distilled into quality beauty therapy products designed to protect, nurture and preserve.

We believe that the journey to beauty begins from within – with the healing of the mind and soul which overflows to radiant skin and overall health. We draw inspiration from Africa’s ancient belief that true beauty is from skin to soul. Herbal medicine is an African tradition. Throughout history, many African tribes drew on a large body of knowledge from the natural world around them. From the Maasai and Himba tribes’ belief in the awakening power of red ochre, to the Zulu and Ndebele peoples’ faith in volcanic healing clay to purify skin and the Ancient Egyptian reliance on frankincense and myrrh to enhance youthfulness, there is evidence that nature was revered as the only source of health, wholeness and wellness.

It’s this ancient wisdom and use of various plants to promote holistic health that inspires us. Each AFYA product is carefully formulated with a clean science approach that respects nature’s healing energy and honours our human need for healing, relaxation, beauty and balance.

We believe that beauty should be fun, natural and pure. There’s a growing demand for innovative, rejuvenating products based on organic, natural ingredients, which provide cosmetic yet wholistic benefits. We also believe that the modern and future forward consumer is looking for more than just superficial beauty. They’re ultimately seeking a fulfilled peaceful existence; one that celebrates their true inner essence and brings it to the fore via a wholistic, natural and healthy lifestyle. AFYA’s sustainable business practices reflect our ‘beauty from skin to soul’ mission. Our unique approach is one that brings to life Africa’s tradition of herbal medicine and healing while celebrating the essence of nature from the cradle of mankind. AFYA is for men, women, children and families who respect nature’s healing energy and honour our human need for healing, relaxation, beauty and balance.

AFYA's new range celebrates the amazing island archipelago of Zanzibar with accents of vanilla, cloves and spice infused with the traditions of the Swahili coast. From its diamond white beaches and lush coconut groves to Stone Town's alleyways lined by sultanate homes with brass-studded wooden doors, Zanzibar has always been a place of dreams where life moves to the rhythm of the tides and the winds of the monsoon.

Afya Organics
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