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yverum HYALURON anti-aging serum, 30 ml

yverum HYALURON anti-aging serum, 30 ml


yverum - naturally yours

Size: 30 ml
In stock

A highly concentrated serum with beauty effect

✓ "Best New Product Award" from Vivaness 2015 ✓ Only consists of 4 ingredients ✓ Highly concentrated serum with around 12.5 mg hyaluronic acid / 1 ml water ✓ Light texture, very productive and without smell ✓ An innovative complex ectoin increases the skin’s own protection ✓ The crystal-clear serum contains two kinds of effective hyaluronic acid: • low-molecular hyaluronic acid actively moisturises your skin • high-molecular hyaluronic acid protects your skin against dehydration ✓ Due to the immediate smoothing effect your skin feels firm and healthy ✓ Free from perfumes and preservatives, colours, silicones, mineral oils, parabens and PEGs ✓ yverum HYALURON anti-aging serum is suitable for all skin types

How to use yverum HYALURON anti-aging serum, 30 ml

Apply 1-2 drops of the yverum HYALURON anti-aging serum mornings and evenings to face, neck and décolleté, and massage in gently. Then, after 1-2 minutes, apply your facial cream, optimally the yverum HYALURON creme 24 h.

Ingredients in yverum HYALURON anti-aging serum, 30 ml


Reviews for yverum HYALURON anti-aging serum, 30 ml

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3 Seems to work BUT...

i like the short ingredients list, but it doesn't say which kind of alcohol it is (the good or the bad ones), but all i know is the serum smells heavily of concentrated alcohol.