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VOL Olive & Laurel Hair Soap Bar 90g

VOL Olive & Laurel Hair Soap Bar 90g


VOL by VisOlivae

Size: 90g
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Natural handmade olive oil soap with a blend of oils such as olive oil, laurel oil and rosemary which act as a ‘hair tonic. For those who wish for a totally natural soap for the hair. Babassu oil helps promote a healthy scalp and nourishes hair. Laurel oil which is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids fortifies hair structure, provides nourishment and imparts a healthy sheen to the hair, ideal for hair loss in both men and women due to its revitalizing properties,.

It is particularly for short hair, but can be used on hands and body.

Normally a transition period is required for hair to adjust to a soap for hair which maybe three to four washes perhaps more. An acid rinse is recommended following washing hair with soap, besides helping with the function of the soap, it also helps remove the silicon build-up from commercial shampoos. (acid rinse description can be found in directions for the usage of soap).

How to use VOL Olive & Laurel Hair Soap Bar 90g

Wet the soap bar and run the bar a few times over the top of your scalp. Massage it in like you would with a liquid shampoo. Rinse well with water or perform an acid rinse to help remove any soap left in the hair. Allow the bar to drain and dry after use. Diluting apple cider vinegar with water creates a simple conditioning rinse after washing the hair with olive oil soap, and is highly recommended for best result.

Ingredients in VOL Olive & Laurel Hair Soap Bar 90g

olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, babassu oil, laurel oil, orange, peppermint, rosemary essential oils, nettle powder

Reviews for VOL Olive & Laurel Hair Soap Bar 90g

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5 My favorite

The soap is just wonderful! His hair is soft and shiny. Washes hair very gently, you can do it without conditioner. The foam is very thick. The soap itself lasts a very long time, especially if you do not try to lather your hair very much, as it is very concentrated, and I just need to spend a few times on the hair (on the temples, back of the head and in the middle). Initially, I washed twice, but then I got used to it and one is enough for me. Tried another shampoo, too, this brand and also delighted, too thick foam is very economical and hair wow effect. I'll write about the air conditioner under its page. If someone does not want to use air conditioning, I advise you to speed up a couple of times to rinse your hair with vinegar. But without this procedure, I switched to just shampoos. Giving up plastic cans was a small contribution to the protection of nature for me. I started with a different brand, also bought on this site.

11 Dec 2020 by Anastasia