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VICTOR - Skincare Solutions - Ageing Skin Collection

VICTOR - Skincare Solutions - Ageing Skin Collection



Size: 100ml, 50ml, 30ml, 30ml, 15ml
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VICTOR - Skincare solution for Ageing Skin - Save £18.80 compared to purchasing products individually. A multi-tasking age defence regime to target he multiple signs of ageing, firming skin, evens skin tone and helping to defend against fine lines ad wrinkles. the skincare solution combines all five of the VICTOR products to effectively hydrate the skin. VICTOR HIGH-PERFORMANCE CLEANSING GEL: An ultra-nourishing cleanser that protects the skin's dermal barrier, while effectively removing dirt, grime, impurities, environmental pollution and free radicals in a single step. VICTOR TIME-RELESE HYDRATION: A unique hydration booster containing BioRestore3Plus. Rich in essential sugars, lipids & polyphenols working hard to retain moisture & fight the visible signs of ageing. Targets and helps prevent the multiple consequences of water loss, leaving skin radiant and ultra hydrated. VICTOR REJUVENATING SERUM: A multi-tasking proprietary complex designed for intense epidermal rejuvenation, reducing multiple signs of ageing. helps to prevent free radical skin damage, guarding against fine lines & wrinkles, retaining firmness and elasticity, leaving skin smooth and plumped. VICTOR AGE-DEFENDER COMPLEX: A bioactive day cream with BioRestore4Plus to simultaneously fight skin aggressors and help stimulate an intense firming action. Richly nourishes skin, helping to reduce imperfections. Contains Wool proteins and active Manuka Honey to help fight ageing. VICTOR VITAMIN C4 OIL FACE & BEARD: A luxurious oil with 66% Vitamin C boosters for brighter, hydrated and plumped skin. Excellent for conditioning and softening beards.

How to use VICTOR - Skincare Solutions - Ageing Skin Collection

HIGH-PERFORMANCE CLEANSING GEL - Apply onto wet skin/beard morning & evening, massage in thoroughly. Rinse well with warm water. TIME-RELEASE HYDRATION - Apply all over the face and neck morning & evening. REJUVENATING SERUM - Apply all over the face and neck in the morning & evening after cleansing AGE-DEFENDER COMPLEX - Apply all over the face & neck daily VITAMIN C4 OIL FACE & BEARD - Apply to face, neck & beard. Rub in gently

Ingredients in VICTOR - Skincare Solutions - Ageing Skin Collection

KEY INGREDIENTS: Enzogenol consist of a potent mixture of natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant compounds known as bioflavonoids. Scientifically proven to support brain health, skin health, rich in antioxidants. Oils of Avocado & castor seed to help hydrate the skin. BioRestore3Plus A proprietary blend of the worlds most effective botanicals including New Zealand's green & red algae and black fern 'Mamaku'. Zealong a single source premium tea. BioRestore4Plus a proprietary blend of the world's most effective botanicals and hydrolysed keratin. Manuka Honey. Blackcurrant, a high level source of Vitami C and anthocyanin. Kiwi, one of the richest sources of Vitamin C & E, Omega 3 & 6 and alpha Linoleic Acid.

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