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Twenty First Century Herbs Skin Balm 60ml

Twenty First Century Herbs Skin Balm 60ml


Twenty First Century Herbs

Size: 60ml
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Our Skin Balm is a family recipe, including ingredients such as lavender, calendula and macadamia oil. Not only is it a luxury balm that revitalises and transforms skin, but it is a miracle cure for all skin problems, being an incredibly effective balm for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, general skin rashes and breakouts. Safe to use anywhere, it can be used as a daily moisturiser, night time restorer, body lotion or hand cream. It is truly the perfect cure when you need some TLC and pampering and is a treat for your skin and your senses. This year our product was featured in Pink Parcel and received outstanding feedback.

Few of us acknowledge that our skin is an organ, just the same as your kidney or liver. In other words, it absorbs things and eliminates things too. Many folks are already careful about what they eat, however many people are not too bothered or simply don't realise that the chemicals in shampoo and cosmetics are more harmful than the chemicals found in food.

We as herbalists have noticed more skin problems over recent years. Therefore we decided to bring out a balm which would enable our protective organ - our skin - cope with the barrage of pollution and the stresses of the 21st Century.

Our Skin Balm is paraben, suplahte, DEA, propylene glycol and artificial colouring free. You will only every find natural goodness in any of our products.

How to use Twenty First Century Herbs Skin Balm 60ml

Only a small amount is needed on application. Simply rub the balm onto the chosen area and see the difference it can make . Can be used as: body lotion, face moisturiser, hand cream, treatment of psoriasis and eczema, on breakouts.

Ingredients in Twenty First Century Herbs Skin Balm 60ml

Oat Straw Lavender Calendula (marigold flowers) Sweet Almond Macadamia

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