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Trevarno Restorative Balm (Propolis) 60ml

Trevarno Restorative Balm (Propolis) 60ml



Size: 60ml
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This is a perfect all round ointment that everyone should have in their bag.

The salve is great for sore, cracked & split skin including chapped lips, cracked heels & any rough skin, especially the elbows.

Propolis has anti-fungal properties which means it is excellent for treating athlete’s foot as well as nail infections.

Suitable for all skin types.

How to use Trevarno Restorative Balm (Propolis) 60ml

Use daily or as required on all rough skin & problem areas.

Ingredients in Trevarno Restorative Balm (Propolis) 60ml

Organically Produced* Olea Europaea* Propolis Cera (Propolis Macerated into Olive Oil), Olea Europaea Calendula Officinalis* (Calendula Macerated into Olive Oil), Olea Europaea Thymus Vulgare* (Thyme Macerated into Olive Oil), Cera Alba* (Beeswax), Triticum Vulgare* (Wheatgerm Oil), Lavendula Angustifolia Essential Oil* (Lavender Essential Oil), Matricaria Recutita Essential Oil* (Camomile Essential Oil), (Constituents of Essential Oil: Linalol)

Reviews for Trevarno Restorative Balm (Propolis) 60ml

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3 eKomi Review

Not used as yet but hope it will be handy when the dry skin returns with the cold weather

01 Aug 2014 by Ann