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TEATOX Power Detox 70g

TEATOX Power Detox 70g



Size: 70g
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For those in need of a pick-me-up! Get rid of toxins, boost your energy level - with our Power Detox. This tea contains the perfect blend of natural ingredients to quickly help your body bounce back! Green rooibos and sencha green tea as the main components combined with South American guarana, aronia berries and cayenne pepper cause the unique revitalizing and cleansing effects of this tea blend.

The Power Detox is our alternative to the Skinny Detox treatment. The tea is especially designed to get you quickly back on track when you feel tired and drained. This can be after a stressful week at work or a long night of partying - you decide when it is time to detox and boost your energy! Ingredients such as green tea, guarana or cayenne pepper ensure that you revive quickly. Nettle leaves are known for their detoxifying effect and help your body cleanse from the inside.

HYDROGENATES. Helps to keep up your fluid balance and to always stay hydrated!

ENERGIZES. The tea is a natural energizer for your physical and mental fitness due to its special combination of green tea and guarana.

PURIFIES. Nettle supports the detoxification process of your body and therefore helps the regeneration of the organism.

METABOLISM. Cayenne pepper increases the perspiration flow, accelerates the metabolism and therefore supports your body in burning calories faster.

How to use TEATOX Power Detox 70g

Infusion time: 3-4 minutes | Water temperature: 80°C | Quantity: 1 teaspoon / 250ml

Ingredients in TEATOX Power Detox 70g

Lemon verbena, green rooibos, sencha green tea guarana, aronia berries, nettle leaves, cardamom, cayenne pepper

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