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TEATOX Daily Balance 60g

TEATOX Daily Balance 60g



Size: 60g
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It's time to unwind and treat yourself - with DAILY BALANCE. The tea is especially made for the relaxing moments in life and our purposeful contribution to connect body, mind and soul. The harmonious composition consists of selected ingredients like verbena, honeybush, ginger and lemon myrtle leaves which bring out the fruity-aromatic taste. This is your moment - enjoy it.

The Daily Balance Tea is designed for the special moments of relaxation. We have carefully chosen the ingredients to create a pleasant refreshing taste with a relaxing effect without causing sleepiness. We deliberately avoided the ingredient caffeine.

HYDROGENATES. The tea helps to keep up your fluid balance and to always stay hydrated!

LAID BACK. The scent of fine lemon relaxes the nerves and supports recreation.

MOOD. Take a deep breath and use the moment of harmony to get energized.

WITHOUT THEINE. Enjoy without worries at any time of the day.

How to use TEATOX Daily Balance 60g

Infusion time: 3-5 minutes | Water temperature: 90°C | Quantity: 1 teaspoon/250ml

Ingredients in TEATOX Daily Balance 60g

Verbena, ginger root, honey bush, lemongrass, lemon myrtle leaves

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