SOiL - Essential Oil - Sweet Marjoram 10ml

SOiL - Essential Oil - Sweet Marjoram 10ml

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Marjoram oil is extracted from the fresh or dried leaves and flowering tops of the plant by steam distillation, it has a warm, slightly spicy smell. It has warming and relaxing properties and a powerful antispasmodic action that can ease pains of arthritis, muscle and menstrual cramps. It is also know to lower high blood pressure and help with headaches.Safety Information: Marjoram oil is contraindicated during pregnancy

Origanum marjorana

Can be used for massage when diluted with a SOiL carrier oil or can be used in a diffuser.

Please note contra-indications before using essential oils:
We recommend that people with allergies should test a tiny amount of oil on a small area on the inside of their arm before using the oil.

Epilepsy and High Blood Pressure:
It is recommended that certain oils should be avoided by those suffering from epilepsy of high blood pressure. Please read contraindications carefully and consult your physician if in doubt.

There are a number of essential oils which are contraindicated during pregnancy, although the list will change with each book or website used. We do not advise using essential oils during pregnancy as people may react differently and we do not have access to individual’s case histories. Having said that, it is known that there are many essentials oils that are useful during pregnancy and labour. Therefore we advise our customers to read information available in books and on the internet and to make informed choices about the products you use.

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