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Simply Bee Baby Bum Balm

Simply Bee Baby Bum Balm


Simply Bee

Size: 50ml
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A very gentle and natural way to protect baby's bum against nappy rash, as well as healing any existing nappy rash. Calendula nourishes and softens dry, chapped skin and treats itchy, flaking, weeping skin. Calendula works together with the Propolis and Tea Tree oil, works as a natural anti inflamatory.

How to use Simply Bee Baby Bum Balm

At every nappy change and after washing... Calendula oil nourishes & softens dry and chapped skin and is anti-inflammatory.

Ingredients in Simply Bee Baby Bum Balm

All our ingredients are natural, free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetic fragrances & colourants Cera Alba (Beeswax), PRUNUS AMYGDALUS DULCIS OIL (Sweet Almond Oil), MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA LEAF OIL (Tea Tree Essential Oil), CALENDULA OFFICIN ALIS FLOWER EXTRACT (Calendula Essential Oil), PROPOLIS CERA (Propolis)

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