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Sample of Esse Refining Cleanser 2ml

Sample of Esse Refining Cleanser 2ml

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Esse Refining Cleanser is a lightly foaming clay wash that exfoliates while detoxifying. Bentonite clay particles act as superfine exfoliating granules while drawing toxins. Kalahari Melon oil adds essential omega-6 fatty acids to help maintain the skin’s lipid balance.

Deep cleansing face wash that delivers a luxuriously rich lathered foam. Effectively removes oil build up for oily and younger skins.

Bentonite clay has fine particles which help to gently exfoliate while cleansing. It also demonstrates detox properties and therefore works well to refine and detox during seasons or periodically between your normal choice of cleanser. Aloe Vera is included to ensure skin is left soothed and calm.

Kalahari Melon, a natural oil rich in Omegas,ensures skin is left soft and hydrated.

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