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Rossi Uvema Avocado & Green Tea Face Cleansing Lotion 100ml

Rossi Uvema Avocado & Green Tea Face Cleansing Lotion 100ml


Rossi Uvema

Size: 100 ml
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Very rich Vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E, our unrefined Avocado Oil is an extremely good moisturiser which will help rejuvenate and regenerate skin, but is not really suitable for oily skin. Will help to penetrate skin to remove impurities, cleanse and help resolve any general skin complaints.


Containing a cocktail of antioxidants called catechins, Green Tea will help to fight the damage done to skin by free radicals which can form in the skin as a result of sun damage and exposure to everyday toxins and pollutants. In our Cleansing Lotion, Green Tea is an excellent supplement as it’s anti-inflammatory properties will soothe and calm skin.

100% Natural facial cleanser which is perfect for removing impurities, foundation and make up leaving your skin clean and moisturised.

No essential oils or flower waters to protect sensitive skin. Avocado and Plum Kernel oils help to cleanse, heal and protect.

•High quality, low fragrance cleanser •Good for morning and evening cleansing routine •Gentle on skin

100% natural ingredients. No Parabens, Sulphates, Petro- chemicals, PEGs, Phthalates, plastic fillers or other synthetic chemicals which could be harmful to your skin

How to use Rossi Uvema Avocado & Green Tea Face Cleansing Lotion 100ml

Use cleanser with a clean cloth or cotton pad to clean and refresh required areas.

Ingredients in Rossi Uvema Avocado & Green Tea Face Cleansing Lotion 100ml

Aqua (Purified Water), Persia Gratissima (Unrefined Avocado Oil), Prunus Domestics (Unrefined Plum Kernel Oil), Vegetable Glycerine, Emulsifying Wax, organic Green Tea extract, Aspen Bark Extract, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

Reviews for Rossi Uvema Avocado & Green Tea Face Cleansing Lotion 100ml

Average rating: based on 2 customer reviews


A very nice, high quality luxury product

14 Dec 2016 by sharon
5 Great

Just looking at the ingredients made my sensitive and dry skin happy! No essential oils to irritate my skin. I can use products with a small amount of essential oils, but it is great to find an option with none at all. This is a creamy lotion with no scent. Great for sensitive noses aswell. It makes my skin feels clean and very soft. I use very little makeup and with no silicones, but it removes what I am using with no problem. I would suggest that you use a lukewarm cloth to remove makeup, but it is maybe just my preference. i tried many cleanser and this is a great one. The texture slovenly and very gentle on the skin. Love it!

26 Nov 2015 by Mia